Steve T - Wall Clocks and Mantel Clocks
Handmade in the UK Since 1992
Established in 1992 as a woodturner I have since gone on to design and create a wide range of wooden and non wooden items, Mostly wall clocks and mantel clocks from English hardwoods and other materials.

Solid Wooden Wall Clocks
Made with Englsh Hardwoods

wooden wall clocks
  • Many Styles and Shapes of Wooden Wall Clocks Available
  • Rustic Wooden Clocks
  • Natural Wooden Clocks
  • Contemporary Wooden Clocks
  • Large Wooden Clocks

Unique Colourful Wall Clocks
from Various Materials

unique colourful wall clocks
  • Many Colours and Styles of
    Unique Wall Clocks Available
  • Painted Clocks
  • Resin Clocks
  • Acrylic Clocks

Oak Wall Clocks
in Coloured Frames

Oak Wall Clocks
  • Oak veneered wall clocks
  • Many colours and colour combinations available
  • Blank faced clocks and clocks with hour markers are available

Wooden Mantel Clocks

wooden mantel clocks
  • Many Styles and Shapes of Wooden Mantel Clocks to Choose From
  • Rustic Mantel Clocks
  • Round Mantel Clocks
  • Oblong Mantel Clocks

Colourful Mantel Clocks

decorative mantel clocks

clock in gift box

Most of my natural wooden items will have a small aluminium name tag on the back with my name, the wood used and the fact it was hand made in the UK

unique clock with name on the back

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