Handmade Clocks by Steve T

Wall Clocks and Mantel Clocks Handmade in the UK Since 1992.

Wooden Wall Clocks

Wooden Wall Clocks

I make a range of wooden wall clocks made from English hardwoods,
You will find other materials used
such as perspex and aluminium
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Unique and Colourful Wall Clocks

Unique Colourful Wall Clocks

Choose from a selection of
Unique coloured wall clocks
in a range of designs
styles and colours
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Stone Wall Clocks

Stone Wall Clocks

Choose from a range of
stone effect wall clocks
that come with a selection
of different clock faces
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Oak Wall Clocks

Oak Veneered Wall Clocks

Many styles of
oak veneered wall clocks
available in a range of colours
and materials
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Wooden Mantel Clocks made with English Hardwoods

Wooden Mantel Clocks

I make a range of
wooden mantel clocks
from different English hardwoods
in various shapes styles and sizes
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Stone Mantel Clocks

Stone Mantel Clocks

You will find many
shapes, styles and designs of
stone mantel clocks
in various colours
( 6 products available )
Colourful Mantel Clocks

Colourful Mantel Clocks

These colourful decorative mantel clocks
are available in a range
of colours and made
using various materials
( 16 products available )