Handmade Clocks by Steve T

Wall Clocks Handmade in the UK Since 1992

Wooden Wall Clocks Handmade with English Hardwoods - Oak - Elm - Ash - Beech - Cherry

Wall Clocks

I make a range of wooden wall clocks
in various shapes and styles.
Made from English hardwoods such as
Oak, Beech, Ash, Elm, Cherry, Walnut
Choose from a wide Range of Colourful Wall Clocks - Orange - Red - Yellow - Green - Blue

Wall Clocks

Colourful painted wall clocks
in resin frames.
Available in several different colours
with various stud and hand options
Black Slate Effect Wall Clocks - Many Stud and Hand Colours to Choose from

Slate Effect Wall Clocks
with Colourful Studs & Hands

These slate wall clocks
are made with black slate effect faces,
They are available with several different
stud and hand colour options
Choose From a Range of Wall Clocks that are Based on Natural Elements such as Wood - Stone - Metals and More

Natural Elements
Wall Clocks

Wall clocks based on natural elements.
Such as wood, stone and metals.
All in resin frames
with various stud and hand options
Unique Wall Clocks Handmade in the UK from various Materials

Unique Random One Off
Wall Clocks

Each of these unique wall clocks
is a one off piece.
They are not made to order and the
one you see is the one you will get

I've been making wooden wall clocks since 1992 and have since gone on to design and produce
wall clocks from other materials such as stone, aluminium and perspex and of course the coloured wall clocks
which are made from resin and various other materials,

Name Tag on Wooden Wall and Mantel Clocks

All wooden wall clocks
and most wooden mantel clocks
will come with a small aluminium disc
on the back showing it was made in the UK
and the type of wood used

Most Wall Clocks are Available in a Free Stylish Gift Box

Most Wall clocks are available in a free
stylish gift box